PHASE 1- Analysis and Strategy

Entering any new market is not a simple task and requires comprehensive market analysis and concrete understanding of what the new market entry will require from the product or service, as well as the company. Cultural and economical differences must be considered a priority, as with any new market launch with a high probability to fail.  Green Leaf & Associates, LLC helps its clients to navigate complex processes by providing multiple options to fit your company’s needs.


Partnership identification, market, economic, regulatory and political overview, logistics, cost assessment, data collection, market analysis, executive summary, preparation, translation, support at specific trade conferences, post event management, follow up and closure.

We realize how each case is unique and requires special attention. We listen carefully to what our clients’ needs are and help them create a strategic plan for their specific market penetration needs.

Gathering information to discover potential opportunities and to help make intelligent choices. 
Evaluating and analyzing suitable options. 
Assisting in strategic decision making, investment, risk analysis and competitive analysis. 
Go-to market strategy creation and execution. 


Larisa Bolivar

Years of experience: 10
Position:Policy Expert

An expert in business development, management and communications executive that is a recognized subject matter expert on marijuana policy reform. Founder and executive director of a non-profit cannabis consumer advocacy organization that focuses on issues such as consumer education, public safety, quality control, price gouging and price fixing, and ethical business practices

“We at Puerto Rico Legal Marijuana have benefited tremendously  from the knowledge, experience and network that Green Leaf & Associates, LLC has offered. If you are looking for a consulting group to see you through from beginning to end, Green Leaf & Associates, LLC is the best possible choice for your business.”

Goo Cannabis Attorney

PHASE 2 – Business Setup Services and Outsourcing

Once you have made the decision to establish your cannabis-related business operations in Puerto Rico, we will assist you in assimilating, by providing solutions and resources in the areas of law, government affairs, finance, real estate acquisition, and logistical matters to include human resources and administrative services.  Having a reliable partner in Green Leaf & Associates, LLC saves money and time and provides you with peace of mind knowing your business is in experienced hands.


Guiding your business through the hurdles of:

U.S territorial taxation, regulations, licenses, permits and other issues. Assistance with business registration including opening bank accounts for new businesses, filing for business licenses and assistance with any other start-up needs. 


Years of experience: 7.5
Position: Founder & Managing Partner

Mr.Ibarra established Green Leaf & Associates as a bridge for businesses wanting to expand their cannabis brand into new markets . Green Leaf provides well vetted resources and support for clients as well as oversight for projects initiated. In addition, we provide cannabis  education for both government and private sectors.


TO COnnect you with credible and reliable Support in Puerto Rico .


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Market Penetration into Foreign Markets.


Our real-life experience as pioneers and proprietors in the cannabis industry in Colorado has positioned Green Leaf & Associates, LLC as one of the first educational consultants in the cannabis industry in Puerto Rico. We are the best qualified consulting and support team to help you expand your brand.  Let us mitigate risk, time, and cost so you can focus on growth.  We have garnered key partnerships within the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico that put us at the forefront of offering unparalleled consulting services for business and operators within the national cannabis industry.  If your business is interested in expanding its brand into the cannabis market in Puerto Rico, we are the group to see you through from beginning to end.

Local Support and Consulting
Green Leaf & Associates, LLC our partners are experienced pioneers in the cannabis industry in Colorado which gives us the expertise to help you shorten the learning curve and navigate your business safely through the implementation stage.  We offer multi-optional business plans including but not limited to: site selection for retail and cultivation facilities, design and site planning, electronic security surveillance, daily operations, staff vetting, financial reporting along with other human resource and administrative necessities. Please e-mail us to have a full list of services sent to you.